A Year of Breakthrough? By Peter


As soon as Suzie and I commenced our leadership role in the church that we pastored, we did all we could to establish a culture of prayer and fasting. Initially, we were surprised by the number of believers who had never actually fasted before. But, as our church members began to fast, they were astonished by God’s nearness and responsiveness. Some experienced healing, whilst others enjoyed significant relational breakthroughs. Some received profound divine direction, whilst others received unexpected blessings. Fasting became our first port of call whenever we needed to make significant decisions, or endure challenging seasons or seek to reach the lost. In our experiences, fasting often proceeded breakthroughs.

Do you need a breakthrough in 2013?

It may relate to your desire for:

  • Fresh intimacy with God.
  • Harmony in your relationships – whether at home, with friends or at work.
  • Direction for your job, career, or business.
  • Freedom from a dominating habit, emotion or a destructive thought-pattern.
  • Breakthrough in your finances
  • Anointing over your ministry.

How do you feel about commencing 2013 with a fast? Would you consider declaring your desperation for God’s will and intervention through a dedicated season of prayer and fasting?

Regardless of where you look in the Scripture, one thing is clear, when God’s people fasted, things happened… I mean big things happened! Esther fasted and the whole nation of Israel was delivered from a sure obliteration. Nehemiah fasted and the Lord brought about a huge restoration and spiritual awakening amongst God’s people. Even the wicked city of Nineveh fasted and the Lord delivered it from just punishment, and caused an amazing transformation amongst the unsaved.

God is still willing and able to bring about an extraordinary breakthrough for you, and for your family, friends, community and nation.

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  • December 21, 2012

    Always love reading your blogs … Thanks for sharing Gods truths, wisdom and encouragement … Look forward to seeing how God moves in your lives in 2013 … Love lili

    Have an awesome break …

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