I am inspired, moved and challenged by a vision for a discipleship movement that transforms our families, churches and the community! The vision consumes my mind, arouses my emotions and energises my actions. I long for the day where we, Christians, no longer talk about discipleship, but actually live it out, regardless of cost.

You know how Christians can be tempted to participate in church without progressing in Christ? Well, we desire to provide practical resources and strategies to help you develop in Jesus and disciple others for Him.

Ignoring the call to discipleship can be costly… because you and I know the incredible impact of the authentic disciples of Jesus… Check out this quote from a book I’m currently reading “Discipleship” by David Watson…

A Communist once threw out this challenge to a western Christian: “… How can anybody believe in the supreme value of this gospel if you do not practise it, if you do not spread it, and if you sacrifice neither time nor money for it…? We believe in our Communist message, and we are ready to sacrifice everything, even our life… But you people are afraid to soil your hands”

Discipleship sums up Christ’s plan for the world. Yet for all its brilliant simplicity, it is the one approach that most western churches have neglected. Instead we have had reports, commissions, conferences, seminars, missions, crusades, reunion schemes, liturgical reforms- the lot. But very little attention has been given to the meaning of discipleship.” (pp.17-18).

In a 6 part sermon series, we attempt to sketch the possibility of being-a-disciple of Jesus. Click here to access the podcast page.

It’s our heart’s prayer that the Lord would inspire every one of us to develop daily to be more and more like Jesus.

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