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Some weeks ago one of our children laid down the Facebook law for us, his parents. As a result, the law that currently governs us is one that demands that he is consulted with, and agrees to all Facebook posts that include any mention or any photo of him. Fair enough! A couple of weeks …


Want to never lose HOPE again?

Think about one thing that you are really hoping for right now! Without hoping for something we may as well crawl up into a ball and sit in a corner, right?! Hope is what keeps us going. It’s what we hold onto when our current circumstances are bleak or when our future is uncertain, or …



Andy Stanley has a famous line that says, “Experience doesn’t make us wiser, it just makes us older. It’s REFLECTING on our experiences that makes us wiser” How true! I also love the quote in the picture attached because whilst often it is important for our healing and well-being to move-on from situations or seasons …


We don’t learn from our experiences

A couple of days ago I was engaged in a deep and meaningful conversation with Peter, when I said, “I will really learn from this experience” to which Peter replied with, “Only because you have reflected on it.” I stopped to consider the truth of that statement. It’s a loaded phrase, is it not? We …


Pursuing Your Dreams Without Frustrations by Peter

Isn’t it annoying that the very dreams that ought to brighten our tomorrow, often rob us of today’s joy? Years before accepting a full-time ministry appointment, I received some incredible promises from the Scripture for my future. I memorised and declared these promises, people around me confirmed these promises, and Suzie engraved one of these …


When Dreams Backfire

I had a business idea, I mean a brilliant idea, if I may say so myself! It was going to set us up for the future. Having experienced unexpected success in my video  production business at the time, I felt a sense of invincibility to pursue another opportunity. So, I embarked on some market research …


Are You Happy Where You Are? By Suzie

Peter’s last few blogs, and his awesome DESIGN workbook are perfect for people who wish to pursue their destiny and be everything they were created to be. It’s an incredible tool for anyone who wants to dig deeper into their greatest passions, skills, purpose and dreams. If you have not already asked for your FREE …