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Prayers for Protection – by Suzie

We have had a very eventful fortnight. Two weeks ago my precious 7 year old daughter got hit in the head and face with an accidental, but very wild cricket bat swing from her older brother. He has an interesting habit of watching the cricket with a bat in his hand. Yes, adrenalin and a …


20 Minute Demolition by Suzie

A couple of days ago my four year old son and I watched a neighbour’s house as it was being fully demolished. Yep, down to an empty block of land. You may think that sounds like a little boy’s fantasy come true, but actually my little guy was petrified. We watched as the excavator ripped …


Learning by doing!

I love gingerbread houses! Despite the snow coated roof, when I see a gingerbread house and I instead absorb a lovely warm feeling. In some weird way they remind me of summer, holidays and fun times.  Strange but true! Last night my 7 year old daughter Jirah, and I made a little ginger bread house. …