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Dates with your partner – of a different sort!

Happy Mother’s Day mums! I pray you felt loved and spoilt on Sunday as you were celebrated by those you love, and who love you back. I also hope you managed to spend some time celebrating yourself as a woman; beautifully created and uniquely gifted by God. There is nothing proud or arrogant about that. …



One of our all time favourite things in life is seeing people pursue their passions and do what they were born to do. Both Peter and I experience incredible excitement when we listen to people share their plans about launching into an exciting new venture that has their name all over it. We love watching …


Easter or Valentine’s Day?

Easter could very well be re-named ‘Valentine’s Day’. After all, it is the greatest expression of love ever communicated. The Easter story, the greatest event in all of history, and the core of Christianity, is by far the most incredible display of love, sacrifice, passion, commitment, and selflessness. It blows me away how God could …


What are you dying for? by Peter

This week I received a phone call from my family overseas that kept me up all night. In the silence of the night, I attempted to process the situation with my concerned and fretting mind. I found myself asking: “why on earth does my father continue to do what he does at 80 years of …


Live Your Dreams

Woohoo! Just purchased my tickets to New Zealand and super excited about ministering to women in the North, South, East and West of Auckland. I will be speaking five times in our 4 days there. Love how God connects strangers from far and wide. Now I say this for a reason: I’m regularly being approached …