Dates with your partner – of a different sort!


Happy Mother’s Day mums! I pray you felt loved and spoilt on Sunday as you were celebrated by those you love, and who love you back. I also hope you managed to spend some time celebrating yourself as a woman; beautifully created and uniquely gifted by God. There is nothing proud or arrogant about that. It’s acknowledging that the Creator of the universe took such special care and attention when He knitted you together. (Psalm 139:13). It is good for the soul to be able to stop and humbly identify our specific and admirable qualities, strengths, talents, skills and traits. Go on, pull out pen and paper and privately devise your own list. Then, thank God for what you note down. He is the giver of all good things.

I had a fab time preaching a Mother’s Day message at a church on Sunday morning, except for the fact that my leggings were slipping down as I was speaking. The weight of the lapel microphone kept pulling them down. I could feel my pants bunch up around my knees, but with an auditorium full of people, with all eyes on me, I dared not hitch up my pants, or everything else for that matter! Arg – awkward moments!

Anyway, moving right along…what I really want to write about today is the power of spending time in God’s presence, and praying and reading the bible with our partners. I know the saying that says; “Those who pray together stay together” is probably in many ways true, but my experience goes beyond that. Every time Peter and I pray together and spend some time having a ‘combined quiet time,’ we seem to hear some really profound things from God. We had one of those experiences yesterday morning. There is something so powerful about letting the Holy Spirit speak through the same piece of scripture as partners come together, both completely hungry to hear from God.

We started by listening to some music, and then we read Luke 1:67-80. We then spent some time in silence as we both tuned into what the Holy Spirit was saying to each of us. About twenty minutes later, we shared what we had heard from God and then spent some time praying together. It’s amazing how God communicates, confirms, encourages, comforts and speaks direction into our lives when we come together and let Him.

When was the last time you spent time with your partner seeking God, and hearing His voice for your life as an individual, a couple, and as a family? Peter says that “three is the greatest pair.” Yep – that’s true! Give it a go. Why don’t you schedule some God time for you and your partner sometime soon? You will get hooked.

And by the way, if you dont already, try using a Bible app, highlight the verses God speaks to you through, and then automatically email them to yourself (with the forward arrow) along with your relevant notes. For me, it’s so easy to forget priceless conversations with God unless I somehow document them.

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  • July 2, 2012

    Very inspiring Suzie and Peter. Might need to take a page out of your book!

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