Quiet Time with God

Quiet Time with God

I was asked by a dear friend the other day as to how I have my Quiet Times with God. When I wrote back to her, as detailed as I could in a phone message, she responded back with, “Wow. You should post that on your website!” So here goes, I’m being an obedient friend and doing as I’m told!!

Actually, I’m passionate about the fact that in order to have a true relationship with God we MUST spend time with Him regularly…I’m a little conscious about saying that we ought to spend time with Him “daily” in case I lose some readers here! In fact, our time spent with God, focused on hearing from him is a direct reflection on our relationship with Him. Does that sound legalistic?! Well, does it sound legalistic to expect that a husband and wife who love each other passionately and know each other intimately are spending time together regularly with no-one else around?! No! That’s just obvious and healthy! Anyway…moving on…

So, how do we spend time with God? Here’s the phone message I sent my friend:

I sit with God in silence and play a song on my phone and just reflect on it and let it wash over me.

  1. Then I pray (if I have time, I will journal). I pray whatever I feel like. I worship Jesus and ask for stuff, then I pick up my Bible and read between 5-10 verses over and over, until a word, a phrase or a concept comes out at me and connects w my spirit.
  2. I’m generally looking for one of the following revelations:

Something about the character of God that I can worship him for,

An example of someone who was “good” or someone who was “naughty” ie: a character trait that I can emulate or avoid,

A conviction of sin/or conviction of anything ungodly in my life,

A word of knowledge or a promise from God re my future, or

An instruction. Something God is telling me to do.

3. Then I pray through what that all means for me and how I can apply it all practically and immediately.

4. Then I try and remember that for the day and pray on it.

5.  If it seems big and significant I will definitely journal it.

Wella! It’s not a Bible study. In fact, what I hear from God might be totally irrelevant to the context of the story I’m reading. Fresh revelation every day. It’s the place where something I may have read 50 times in the past speaks to me in an entirely different way.



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