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Break Free from Motherly Guilt

Your workplace cannot afford to overlook this modern day issue. Motherly guilt is depriving women of confidence and creativity, and often the workplace is adversely affected.

Employers: The strategies in this book will improve your efficiencies, increase your female retention rates, reduce absenteeism and create thriving cultures.

Included in this book are also inspirational interviews with celebrity working mums, including: Julie Goodwin, Denise Drysdale, Alex Fevola and Sam Stynes.

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Four Keys to Freedom from Motherly Guilt

This new  book provides four strategic keys to freedom from motherly guilt.

It does not intend to tell you how to parent- you already know how to do that; rather it aims to help you enjoy your parenting journey and pursue your dreams and passions.

Read this book and say goodbye to motherly guilt!

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She Will Run

If you are a woman hungry to be more, live more, enjoy more, love more, and influence more, ‘She Will Run’ is the book for you!

‘She Will Run’ will journey you though five main sections; your relationship with God, your identity, your inner life, your relationship with other people, and your impact on the world.

Each section is divided into several bite-sized chapters full of down-to-earth practical insights, biblical principles and inspiring stories.

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