She Will Run

If you are a woman hungry to be more, live more, enjoy more, love more, and influence more, ‘She Will Run’ is the book for you!

‘She Will Run’ will journey you though five main sections; your relationship with God, your identity, your inner life, your relationship with other people, and your impact on the world. Each section is divided into several bite-sized chapters full of down-to-earth practical insights, biblical principles and inspiring stories.

It will inspire, motivate and equip you to be your very best; as you develop personally, relationally and spiritually.

You can expect to find simple pathways towards becoming more like Jesus, as well as practical exercises to help you learn ‘in the action’ and begin to notice obvious change in significant areas of your life. ‘She Will Run’ is also filled with thought and Spirit provoking discussion questions, as well as activities for you and your ‘small group’.

‘She Will Run’ is written in a candid, transparent and engaging style. It’s so easy to read, you won’t be able to put it down.

'She Will Run' is available for purchase in both hard and soft copy formats on our online store.

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