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Develop 23: Jesus Heals

In this Develop Program, Peter Botross looks at Jesus’ capacity to HEAL. You will be inspired to draw near to the ONE who truly cares for YOU regardless of your circumstances, challenges or background.


Develop 21: Jesus Cares

You may have been exposed to many conflicting views about Jesus. But since, our views determine our interactions, we need to reevaluate our perceptions of Jesus based on the Scriptures. In this Develop Program, Peter Botross will help you discover the Jesus who actually cares for YOU!


Develop 20: Jesus Delivers

Have you ever been in a challenging situation where there was no way out? In this episode of Develop, Peter Botross looks at another miracle of Jesus and encourages you to rely on Him as YOUR deliverer.


Develop 19: Jesus Initiates

In this 7 Part Series, on Develop TV Program, Peter Botross reflects on the miracles of Jesus.