The fashion stylist – by Suzie


I’ve been quiet for a while, I know. But Peter has been posting some awesome blogs. I hope you have loved them.

In case you thought I was going to come back with something highly theological or mind-blowingly profound, I’m afraid I might let you down. Ha!

But what I do have to share is one for the ladies. I have been so blown away by our amazing God who is so intensely interested in every area of our life – not just the spiritual. I share this little blog because I’d love to challenge you to seek God and stop to ask for His wisdom, guidance, direction, perspective and opportunities in the little, everyday things in your world. I know that it’s a bit more natural and urgent to come to God is desperation when our children are sick, our relationships are in danger, or family is struggling, our jobs are stretching, our emotional state is at risk, or when our finances are taking a beating.

For most of us, even non-Christians, we succumb to prayer when we are dying for a business deal or a job offer to come through, when we want that new home, or when a family member or close friend is ill or dying.

But today, I’m proposing the idea of including God into our every day, non-life-threatening, and not-overly-urgent daily affairs. Try it, and see the difference it makes in your world. You see, I am constantly reminded that God is for me in every area of my life. He is for my family, for my relationships, for my work, for my social life, for my relaxation, for my hobbies and interests – and of course for my relationship with Him. This week I was also reminded that He is also interested in the things that excite me; such as well needed fashion advice. Now with so much commotion and unrest going on in different parts of the world, it hardly seems appropriate to even put to prayer a measly bit of God-assistance for the relatively insignificant things in life.

So – let me explain. I have been keen to find a new outfit for my cousins wedding. Family weddings are super special and I have been really wanting to get into the ‘wedding spirit and fun’ with a new outfit. I had spent a bit of time shopping around, and was beginning to get a little frustrated with my little success on this endeavour. I have so much more to do with my time than endlessly window shop.

It finally occurred to me last week that I should put to practise my own theory on “asking God to ‘bless’ our time” – which I regularly preach in my time management sessions. I’m a bit slow at times! So I decided to ask God to help me find a new outfit! I wasn’t too demanding, I simply wanted a dress that covered my two flaw areas (!!) and one that wasn’t too expensive.

After I had prayed, I felt led to drive to a well-known shopping strip half an hour away, one I have never visited, but only heard about. It was there that I found a gorgeous dress that fit me like a glove. It was the first shop I entered. The ridiculous price tag meant that I could splurge on matching accessories. So off I went with my pretty dress, in search for new shoes, a handbag and jewellery. I arrived home a few hours later with everything I needed. I was gone for 3 hours in total – door to door. I was then extra stoked by God’s master plan and style when it dawned on me that my outfit was the exact colour match to a new tie I had purchased for Peter whilst I was recently in New Zealand.

I stopped and thought to myself; “God, how is it that you are also the perfect stylist?” When we put our needs and wants before God and ask for His advice and his thoughts, it turns out that He actually has some incredible insights on most of our ‘seemingly insignificant’ issues.

What is it that’s consuming your time right now? What is it that you just need to tick off your to do list? What is it that you just need another opinion on or the right advice as to how to move forward? What are the little issues in your diary this week that perhaps, just perhaps, God might be waiting to help you out with? Go on and ask Him for His advice, go ahead and ask him for his thoughts on what may sound like the strangest conversation. Yes, we would assume that our God has better things to do than help me work out what I’m going to wear to a wedding, and yes my conversations with God should have more substance and more purpose than that, but you know what? He actually cares, and because He is God, He can multitask and respond to the big and the little concerns that we have.

Now, I’m not suggesting we all start praying about our wardrobes and ignore issues of extreme impact and importance . No, it’s not all about me, and no, it’s not all about you, but our amazing God cares for every single, minute and in-the-scheme-of-things menial area of our life. He can manage it all. Just because He’s helping me find an outfit doesn’t mean He’s turned His eyes and ears away from famine or poverty or anything else of greater importance. It just means He’s a relational, caring, understanding and doting father.  Why don’t you invite him into your everyday scenarios? He actually cares!

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  • Bec Fisher
    July 26, 2012

    Thanks for this, Suzie! My friends and I call this “Holy Spirit shopping”! We’ve had so many experiences just like that where God has provided the perfect thing for our needs when we’ve asked Him to. The God of small things as well as big things.

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